Governance, Risk & Compliance


ZServiceDesk GRC provides the integrated approach and framework to deploy robust governance model within the organization using enterprise class Risk Assessment, which take the information from multiple sources belongs to Risks, Controls, Policies, Compliances, Audits, Vendors and provide intelligence and reporting for executives to direct the organization

Integrated Risk Management Approach

Integrated framework to ensure that Risk Management process is effectively conducted across organization, processes, and information systems.

Integrated approach allows to manage the entire lifecycle of Risk management and other relevant components to establish effective governance structure. Organizations can assign the stakeholders, create Defensible Cyberspaces, Create Assets, Assign Risk Levels, Identify Risks, Assess Impact, define mitigation strategies, Apply & Implement Controls, Create relevant Policies, do the vendor risk assessment, create and track audit activities, map with Compliances and Regulatory requirements such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPPA etc.

Risk Management
Well structured platform to record all about Risk

In our integrated Risk Management platform, organization can create defensible Systems, Create System Entities, denfine the risks to assets, processes, departments, people etc and can define what all controls can be applied to a specific risk to mitigate or accept. Comprehensive information can be captured such as Category, Status, ALE, Implact, Residual, Inherent and provides dashboards to stakeholders to define the further actions to improve security posture of organization.

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Policy Management
Create and manage the information security policies

Our application helps organizations in managing the entire lifecycle of security policy. Admins can create unlimited policies based on various categories, policy types, define validity and submit for approvals. Published policies can be sent to respective user groups or can be notified for any changes.

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Audit & Compliance
Create and track audit activities to meet the regulatory compliances or guidelines.

Provides regulatory compliance statements such as ISO 27001, HIPPA, PCI-DSS etc and help you to keep track of compliance status in your organization. Audit activities can be created and Tasks can be assigned to various stakeholders to ensure that all applicable compliance are met.

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Vendor Risk Management
Reduce the Risk level when engaging with third-party vendors

It is important to make sure that your organization is not exposed to the risks due to inablility of vendor. In our application, organizations can create multiple templates in the form of Q&A do to the detailed risk assessment of associated vendors and track the vendor related information.

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Improve Security Discipline and reduce risks

Workflows to create and manage

Implement security related processes, policies and guidelines within the organization to avoid financial risks, operational risks or reputational risks.

Intelligence to define Actions

ZServiceDesk is most affordable and designed with easy to use workflows while capturing all information realted to GRC.

Easy to use / No More Complexity

GRC platforms are known for it's complexity. Our GRC platform provides easy navigation and easy to use interfaces to be used without specialized training.

Flexible Deployment Models

As per your business requirement and policy, you can choose On-Premise deployment, or on cloud server or avail our ready to use SaaS based GRC platform services.

Get it tailored. Get it aligned

As we understand GRC is more of the strategry part of the organization and sometimes follow different processes or collect additional data as a part of GRC Management. Our focus is to ensure that organization is covered across all GRC related activities and our customization services helps your achieve additonal functionality on top of our existing features set.

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