Innovation & Automation is our Key
Beautifully Handcrafted to meet business requirements

Our products are built based on global standards which can meet the complex requirements of any size of business organizations. Our talent pool consistently focus on innovations & automations to ease the management of all IT related functions.


Manage your support related functions and assets intelligently with our enterprise grade platform.


An authomated framework to manage your IT securtiy related assessements and other tasks

Designed To Meet Enterprise Class Scalability And Performance Requirements
Based on ITIL Framework
Empower your IT with Robust Services & Asset Management

Deliver human like support with our intelligent AI & ML based virual assistants. Our product helps Enterprises to setup a centralized support system to provide support for their customers & internal business users and manage all assets in centralized console.

Based on NIST Framework
Cyberspaces and Risk Management Platform

Define strategy of IT GRC and overall approach to identify & estimate Cyber Risk for Enterprise Risk Management to meet Compliances & Regulatory Standards. It helps to bring the information out of various containers into one collaborative environment.

01. Modern Design Developed with Modern User Interface design to provide ease of access and amazing experience.
Extremely Simple to use

Easy to navigate and structured design delivers the comfort of using the application features without specialized training.

02. Flexible Integration With more than 375+ REST APIs, Our application provides highest degree of flexibility to integrate third-party applications.
Best in Class Integration Services

Provides one-way or two-way integrations acros all your business applications for centralized management and avoid duplicacy of data within your organization.

03. Lightning Fast Our unique API based architecture provides the speed to fetch thousands of records in seconds.
We are there for you as you grow.

Provides high & consistent performance, with multi-fold increased business data and meet scalability requirements.

04. Faster Deployment Ready to use comprehensive workflows helps customers to start using in less time.
Implementation by our experts

Our team is geared up to understand your business workflows and get the configurations ready to quick start.

Unique Architecture that delivers most flexible integration and lightning fast performance to any size of businesses.
Innovations at work

A digital studio crafting beautiful experiences.

We are creating the awesomeness to make sure you are delivering faster support than ever and get competitive edge.

  • Web-Based Application
  • Integrated AI BOT Assistant
  • Cloud / On-Premise Deployment
  • Annual Subscription / Perpetual
  • Most Flexible Integrations with 375+ APIs
  • Modern User Interface
  • Easy of Use
  • Faster Deployment
  • Mobile Application
  • On-Demand Customization
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Custom Dashboards and Reports helps IT Stakeholders to have deeper view of what is happening on the ground and provides all the relevant information in just few clicks.
Our comprehensive workflows and knowledgebase helps technicians to resolve the issues in a faster manner.
Business users can use various automation techniques to get necessary technical support on 24x7 basis.
ZServiceDesk helps to eliminate the manual processes and provides efficient way or managing the IT Services.

On-Demand Customization services to orchestrate support function the way you want.

Every organization has it's own way to manage the internal IT support functions and leverage the in-built capabilities of ITSM & ITAM platform. However sometimes organizations have different service structures the way they deliver services. We do offer major customisation services on top of our product to address and fulfil more complex and custom requirements.

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