Asset Management


Managing the information related to all IT assets has been a challenge since long. It has been seen for multi-locations organisation, it is difficult task to avoid lost, stolen, unused cases. Our solution helps to record assets related information at central databases.

  • Web-Enabled Interface
  • On-Premise/On-Cloud Deployment
  • Annual & Perpetual Licensing
  • CMDB Management for IT & Non-IT Assets
  • Agent Size < 1MB
  • No Local Storage usage in PCs
  • Installed as service (Less prone to conflict with other applications)
  • Important Documents Upload for any Asset
  • Assets Repair/Movement/Audit History
  • Real-time CPU & RAM Monitoring of Windows End-Points
  • Live On/Off status of PCs of Windows End-Points
  • Comprehensive Dashboards & Reports

Asset Management


ZServiceDesk+ application development company founded in 2014, focused on innovations in the domain of IT Services Management and integrating automation technologies to escalate the services management to next generation

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