Frequently Asked Questions

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Sales Queries

  • How can I buy product?

    You’ve to send email at or you can also fill in the contact us form. Our representative shall be in touch with you within 24 Hr. to provide prices to you.

  • What information do I need to provide to get prices?

    You’ve to give inputs about how many service desk engineers are there? How many IT assets do you want to manage? And for how many IP devices, Web Applications, Websites do you want to monitor the availability.

  • How can i get prices immediately?

    Our team is available 24x7. You can call +91-7838700773, for immediate price requirement or send email to

  • What, if I don’t need all the features?

    Our product has 3 key modules (Service Desk, IT Asset Management & Service Availability). You can buy any one of them.

  • How product would be deployed?

    Our Product has both On-Premise and On-Cloud deployment options.

  • What is the pricing model?

    Our product has both Yearly Subscription and Perpetual licensing model, However payment shall be made in advance.

  • Can I get demo before we buy product?

    Yes, you can have online and F2F demo (India only) by sending the email to

  • After product purchase, can how soon would I be able to use?

    Service desk operations can be started within 48 Hrs. IT Asset Management & Service availability modules usually takes 1-2 weeks.

  • What would be prices for Project Management?

    Project Management is available free of cost with Service Desk Module.

  • Can application be customized as per my requirement?

    Yes, Application customization is available. Minor changes can be accommodated without additional cost. Major customization shall be charged extras as per actual requirement.

Service Desk Queries

  • Can I manage multiple companies?

    Yes, you can manage multiple companies in single application instance.

  • I have multiple locations of my company; can I manage them as well?

    Yes, you can manage location wise tickets, assets etc.

  • How can I manage the multiple support departments?

    You can define multiple support groups like, end user support, server support, network support group. You can assign the ticket to different resolver groups.

  • How users can log the tickets?

    Uses can log the tickets via following methods: 

    i.      User can have login credential and log the tickets.

    ii.      User can log the tickets without logging in.

    iii.      User can send a mail to designated email ID, which will further be converted into ticket.

  • I don’t want all engineers to have access to all the features, do you have solution for that?

    You can Create unlimited roles and assign them required permissions.

  • Can I also do remote desktop support from this application?

    As of now this feature is not available in our application, however it will be available in our next release, which is expected by Nov,18.

  • How can I use ticketing for Project Management?

    You can create project and assign the tickets, tasks to the project. Basis on the tasks completed, you can have view of overall project status. Project Management Module is Free of Cost with Service Desk Module.

  • Can I set pre-defined replies for faster response to the tickets.

    Yes, you can have as many as set of pre-defined replies. Instead of typing same reply multiple times, Service desk agents can insert pre-defined replies quickly.

  • Is there any escalation mechanism available for unresolved tickets?

    Yes you can set multiple escalation rules if ticket is idle for a period of time.

  • What all your product can do?

    We have ITSM (IT Services Management) Software which can help you to manage your IT Service Desk operations. It has Incident Management module to log the tickets. Other key modules are Problem Management, Change Management, SLA Management, Feedback Management, Asset Management, Suppliers Management, contracts Management, Availability Management & Project Management. 

  • All the functionalities are available in single software or do you have different software for all these features?

    We have single product which provides all these features

  • What is the hardware requirement for on-premise deployment?

    Hardware pre-requisites can be provided a basis on the size of deployment. There is a hardware requirement variation between small & large deployments.

  • How users will log the tickets?

    A user can log the tickets via URL. Users can also be created in the application or AD integration can also be done to authenticate and fetch the user details.

Asset Management Queries

  • How is the licensing for IT Asset Management Module?

    IT Asset Management licensing are based on total no. of IP devices such as Desktop, Laptops, Servers etc.

  • Can I also manage Non-IP devices?

    Yes, you can also keep the record of all Non-IP devices, Peripherals etc.

  • How is the licensing for Non-IP devices?

    You can manage Non-IP devices maximum upto 2 times of actual purchased asset management licenses

  • Can It discover the system information automatically?

    Yes, our application can detect the system information, OS, HDD, RAM, Software etc.

  • Do we need to install any agent in our PCs for information auto-discovery?

    Yes, there will be agent with the size of maximum 30KB on your PC. Basis on your requirement, this agent will automatically push the information into application.

  • Do we need to buy all the modules or we can also buy the modules individually?

    There are 3 types of licenses which can be purchased separately.
    1. Service Desk (Incident, Problem, Change, SLA, Feedback), Project, Supplier,     Contract)
    2. Asset Management Licenses (Asset Mangement of IT & Non-IT Asset, Supplier & Contract Management)
    3. Availability management

  • Is your product ITIL certified?

    We are not ITIL certified. Our product is built on ITIL processes. Certification is in roadmap.

  • Is the solution available on-premise?

    Yes, Solution is available in both On-Premise & Cloud. However, in clould version, only service desk & asset management modules can be provided.

  • How Service desk user will get to know, who has submit the ticket or on which asset incident is raised ?

    The application shall be integrated with Active Directory. All details about users, such as user name, department, asset, location etc. shall be fetched from Active Directory into our application.

  • Can we customize and use our company name instead of ZserviceDesk, such as ABC Support Desk?

    Yes, you can configure and use the name in login screen or on the top left corner in the main application.

  • How is the licensing for your product ?

    "Subscription based licenses for Cloud based deployment. Subscription & Perpetual for On-Premise deployment.
    Service Desk Licenses are based on no. of service desk agents.
    Asset Management licenses are based at no. of DT/LT/Servers. For other devices, maximum up to 2 times of purchased licenses, can be managed. For the additional quantity of peripheral or non-IP devices, additional licenses to be purchased in a bundle of 100 assets."

  • Can we also manage Non-IT assets.?

    Yes you can also manage Non-IT Assets.

  • Can your software auto discover the assets ?

    No, our software can not auto-discover devices. Agents has to be installed in PC.

  • Can your software auto discover the hardware and software information ?

    Yes, agent to be copied on each PC to discover the hardware and software information. Agent file to be run on PC first time. An after that agent will send and update the information in the application each time a PC is started.

  • Can we deploy the agent remotely ?

    Our application doesn’t have an inbuilt capability to deploy the agent remotely. However, you can use your AD or any software distribution tool to deploy our application remotely.

  • What is the size of your agent ?

    Agent size is approx 10 MB.

  • Can we also take remote access of PC ?

    Yes, We have inbuilt utility, through which Service Desk engineer will be able to take remote PC. Utility works like Teamviewer with auto ID and pwd generated. Any PC which has internet connectivity can be accessed remotely.

  • Can we add or remove the fields in assets information ?

    Usually, we do minor customization during the product rollout. However customization is our key strength and we can edit the fields, forms etc.. Basis on actual requirement.

  • Can you application generate the barcodes ?

    Yes, our application can generate the QR Codes.

  • Can we also customize dashboards ?

    Yes, dashboard customizations can be done as per actual requirements.

  • Which kind of reports can be generated from your application ?

    There are pre-defined reports for every module. We tried covering all required reports, however, we can also generate the reports as per actual requirement.

  • Can we also manage IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) processes for assets ?

    Yes, you can manage IMAC processes. We also support gate pass feature.

  • Is the integration possible with other applications ?

    Yes, we can provide APIs for third-party software integration.

  • How notifications can be received ?

    notifications can be received via email or SMS. SMS gateway to be provided by you, we can integrate our application with SMS gateway.

  • Can we check software compliances in your software.

    Yes, our software can provide you software compliances.

  • How SLA management work?

    In SLA management, we keep track of ticket logging, response and closure time details. We can provide you details about SLA uptime in terms of overall meeting response and resolution time during a period.

  • Do we any option to provide the feedback for the tickets ?

    yes, with every ticket closure, use will get an email to submit the review. You can also schedule survey for all user anytime.

  • What can I monitor in availability monitoring ?

    You can monitor device, IP or URL availability in terms of up and down, and get the alerts. You can also do the performance monitoring of servers, wherein you can view performance of CPU, RAM etc..

  • Can I also monitor network devices of applications.

    No. we can only provide the availability status of network devices and applications.

  • Can we get assets warranty or expiry notifications ?

    Yes you can set the notifications to be receive before the expiry of warranty or support.

  • Can we track the changes done in assets information ?

    Yes, our application maintains the audit logs and keep the track of changes done.

  • Do you have patch management of software distribution in your application.

    as of now, these features are not available, however, these are in roadmap and shall be available shortly.

  • Do you have any mobile application ?

    As of now, a mobile application is not available. Same shall be available by Apr 19.

  • Can we also do physical asset verification or reconciliation of assets.

    Yes, after asset tagging, the engineer can visit the user and scan the asset tag to do the physical verification.

  • Do you provide high availability of your application in DC-DR model.

    Yes, we can provide the high availability.

  • How Non-IT assets can be managed with your application ?

    You can manage the Non-IT assets, same way as printers, scanners etc. You will have separate menu only for the Non-IT assets.

  • How do you provide support to end customers ?

    We do provide remote support Monday-Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

  • How old your product is ?

    We have launched this product 6 months back.

  • Who are are your cutomers

    As of now our customers are BHEL, Lemon Mobile, Build-itech & Comio Mobile.

  • Do you also directly sell to end customer ?

    We don’t directly bill to end customers. We work through partners only. Our marketing and sales team also reach our customers directly to generate opportunities and positioning of product.

  • Where are you based at ?

    we are based at noida location.

  • Whats your team size ?

    We are team of 15-20 in north

  • Can you also provide onsite support ?

    Yes, if required we can also provide onsite support on chargeable basis.

  • How you do the installation ?

    Installation shall be done by our team only. Once the partner has developed the capabilities, installation can also be done by partner.

  • What are the margins do you offer to partners ?

    Typically margins are between 15-20%. Usually we provide Transfer Prices (TP). Partners are free to quote after adding their margins.

  • Is there a portal or how can we lock the requirment with you ?

    You can lock the deal by sending email with customer name and requirement details.

  • Usually how much time it takes for installation ?

    Installation & configuration usually takes 4-6 weeks after receiving the confirmed purchase order.

  • What are the payment terms for licenses.

    You need pay in advance for perpetual licenses and yearly in advance for purpetual licenses or ATS charges.

  • Which technology is being used in your application

    Our application is developed on ASP.Net with MSSQL Database

  • How is the scalability in your application ?

    Our application is developed to cater more than 10,000 user based IT operations.

  • how can we do the spares management in your software ?

    You can manually add the spares in stores and then allocate to users.

  • Can we define, what module to be accessed by technician ?

    We have role based access in applications. Multiple roles can be created with required permissions, then role can be applied to technician.


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