General Questions

What is the deployment mode of the application ?

Application can be deployed in both On-Cloud and On-Premise model. ZServiceDesk+ can provide the cloud instance, in which management of the cloud instance shall be done by us. Customer can also their cloud instance to deploy our application.

What is the licensing model?

Application is available in both Subscription & Perpetual licencing model. However perpetual is applicable only for the On-Premise and Customer's cloud instance.

What is the structure of pricing ?

Our pricing has below BOQ components, and pricing shall vary as per the no. of licenses

  • ZServiceDesk+ Base Platform
  • No. of Technicians
  • No. of Laptop/Desktops
  • No. of Assets/Peripherals for life-Cycle management

How can i receive the prices ?

You have to send mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the prices. Within 24 Hrs. our sales representative shall contact you and send you prices.

How long does it take for deployment

Usually it take 3-4 weeks for full deployment, however deployment timelines vary depending on the size and requirement of the organisation.

How can i see the product demo ?

You have to send mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Within 24 Hrs. our sales representative shall contact you  to understand you current environment and to schedule a demo as per your convenience.

Do you comply the ITIL based processes?

Yes, Our process workflow are developed as per ITIL Framework. However we have also incorporated features as per actual services management requirement, which may not be mentioned in ITIL.

Do you comply the ISO 20000 standards?

Yes, if your organisation want to do ISO 20000 certification. We ensure that all our processes are aligned as per your audit requirements. 

What if i need some customisation in application as per our requirement?

Yes, we also provide on-demand customisation. We don't charge you for any minor customisation, however if major changes are required in application, our developers can discuss with you and customise the product at very minimal additional cost.

What kind of technical support do you provide?

We do provide 24x7 support services over email with response time of 4 Hrs. You can also log in and raise support ticket via our portal.

How product setup & configuration will be done?

Our team owns the responsibility to setup & configure the product as per your business requirement. Our team shall also provide the appropriate training on how to administer and configure the tool.

What are the advantages of buying ZServiceDesk+ over other ITSM tools ?

Below are the key benefits for you, if you choose our ITSM tool to manage your IT services.

  • Unique API based architecture which makes our application fastest. Thousands or records can be fetched in few seconds.
  • Highly Scalable. No matter how large your organisation will become in future. Our application is able to handle the growth without any performance impact.
  • Most flexible integration. We have more than 300 APIs which can help you to integrate with any other third-party application.
  • And finally lower cost of ownership if you compare the Prices vs Features as per industry.

Enterprise Service Desk

What are all features i will get in Enterprise Service Desk ?

You will get full access to all below modules

  • Incident, Service Request, Change & Problem Management
  • SLA & Feedback Management
  • Suppliers & Contracts Management
  • Tasks Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Escalations 
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Dashboards & Reports

I have multiple business units & multiple locations, can i use the same tool ?

Yes, you can use the same tool for all business units and all locations.

How users can log the tickets ?

Users can log the tickets via user portal, Mobile Application or Chat BOT.

What your Chat BOT can do ?

Users can ask anything in Chat BOT, mention the problem they are facing. Chat BOT can reply to your queries with pre-defined answers, Log the ticket on your behalf and guide you through the solution or download/run the solution which is available in the knowledge base.

Can i provide the remote support via your application?

Yes, you can provide remote desktop support on windows PCs if PCs are connected within LAN. We don't support Remote Desktop over internet.

I have different working hours at each of my office location, will this application be able to track the SLA for all locations?

Yes, different working hours or support window can be configured in our SLA section and our application shall be able to calculate the SLA.

Can i provide the remote support via your application?

Yes, you can provide remote desktop support on windows PCs if PCs are connected within LAN. We don't support Remote Desktop over internet.

You have in-build approval work flow for changes and service request?

Yes, we mail approval workflow over the emails, which can be configured for both Service Request and Changes.


Can i configure the escalations?

Yes, You can create the escalation matrix and notify them over email.

Can i use our own SMS gateway?

Yes, we can provide integration services to use your SMS gateway. 

Can i create service request templates for easy access?

Yes you can create unlimited service request templates.

Asset Management

How is the licensing for IT Assets?

Licensing is based upon total no. of Windows based Laptop/desktop and Peripherals.

Can i manage the Non-IT Assets also?

Yes, you can manage the life-cycle of Non-IT assets.

Can you application auto-discover the PCs ?

Once our agent is installed, application shall be able to discover the device over LAN and Internet.

What is size of agent ?

Size of agent is less than 1 MB.

Can i install the agent remotely?

You can use AD or any third-party software distribution software to roll-out agents in PCs.

What is the data size it stores in local PCs?

Unlike other products, which stores huge data (sometimes in GBs) in local PC. Our agent is installed as service and don't store any data in local PC.

How do you ensure that your agents are not stopped working and stop communication with application server?

Our agent is installed as service (Not as application), hence it is less prone to conflict with other application such as Anti-virus, which is the major cause for stopping the agent.

What all SW/HW information it can discover?

Our application can discover the Hardware information such as make, model, serial no, hdd, RAM. It also discover the running processes, services, drivers, installed applications, application version, installed date etc.

What all i can check in software compliance?

You can check the total list of software which are installed across your organisation. You can define which software is white-listed or black-listed and in which PCs black-listed software are running. You can also do licenses management such as how many licenses are purchased, allocated and available.

Can i also manage the consumables?

Yes, you can manage the inventory of consumables (battery, Keyboard, Mouse etc..) and allocate them to users.

How can i imports the asset details in application?

Yes, you can import the asset details from excel file in our pre-defined format.

I have different stores across different locations, can i manage the inventory in store?

Yes, you can manage the inventory in different stores and manage allocation/de-allocation.

Can i manage the asset movement in your application?

Yes, you can keep record of asset movement between locations, stores etc.. we also have gate pass feature with approval workflow. 

Can i check the repair history of asset?

Yes, You can check the history, how many times asset has been repaired and which vendor has repaired the asset.

Can i keep record of audit logs for compliance purpose?

Yes, our application keeps record of asset logs for compliance purpose.

Can i upload asset related document for future reference?

Yes, You can upload multiple documents for any asset.

Can i check how many tickets have been logged on asset?

Yes, each asset shall have record of previous incidents.

User Portal

What are can be done from user portal?

User can do below in user portal

  • Log ticket
  • Raise Service Request
  • Provide Feedback
  • Escalate issue
  • Search in Knowledge Base
  • Talk to BOT

Do i need to by any licenses to use user portal?

No licensing is required to use user portal.


Knowledge Base

How can i add the data in Knowledge Base?

Admin can add the articles in the knowledge base or technician can add the incident or problem in the knowledge base.

Is there any approval mechanism for Knowledge Base before publishing the contents?

Yes, you can define the category of knowledge base article and define the approver. whenever technician will add any article, it will be published post appropriate approval.

Do you have any mechanism if i want to restrict the access of knowledge article?

Yes, when you are creating the article, you can define who can access the article. You can define the access for all user or based on support department.




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