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IT & Non-IT Assets Management



Get all the system and applications information autodiscovered with intelligent endpoint agents across your IT Infrastructure. It helps keep track of information centrally and discover the changes.


Licecycle Management

It helps managing entire lifecycle of IT or Non-IT Assets. Organizations can manage assets information, Allocation, Vendors, QR Codes, Gate Pass, Repair history, Consumables, Preventive Maintenance etc.


Compliances Management

Helps organisations to monitor the licenses consumptions and optimize the overall cost of licenses using various feataures such as Software Metering, Software Inventory etc.

Eliminate Spreadsheets and Operate with More Efficiency

Achieve accuracy and meet audit requirements

Our Intelligent asset management platform can record the information such as asset location, type, user, warranty, status, documents, repair history, gate pass etc. For all IT endpoints (Window, MAC, Linux), it can discover the hardware information such as Make, Model, Serial No, HDD, CPU, RAM etc. and Installed software information automatically.

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Most Flexible Third-Party Integrations


Information Discovery

Agent based HW & SW information discovery from endpoints and agentless discovery for other IP devices.


Lifecycle Management

All activities of IT & Non-IT assets can be managed throughout their lifecycle, from centralized console.



Manage Centralized database and keep record information such as asset details, locations, user, commercial info etc.


Software License Management

Manage Software license inventory and keep the track of usage using software metering etc.


Consumables Management

Manage all consumales, keep track of allocation and get alerts / notifications if items are reaching minimum threshold.


Vendor Management

Create multi-locations vendor details and record all information about vendors such as key contacts, items supplied, contracts etc.


Contracts Management

Keep track of all contract related information such as Scope, PO, Contract period, Review period, T&C etc.


Preventive Maintenance

Create tickets for PM activities across all the IT Infrastructure equipments and keep track of completion status.


QR Codes

Easy to print QR codes helps to do asset tagging in structured manner and provides ease of reconciliation.


Gate Pass

Create and print gate pass in your format for internal or external movements and keep the track of asset status.


Repair History

Easy to use workflow to manage Asset Repair related activities integrated with CMDB.


Integrated with ITSM

Asset Management is pre-integrated with ITSM, and provides advantages such as tickets and assets mapping etc.

Highly Scalable & More Flexible

Our Asset Management Platform is designed & developed to meet the business requirement of any complexity, no matter if you have hundreds, thousand or lacs of assets in your orgnisation. Our application is ready to deliver the workflow and processes which are specific to your organisation and help in meeting Regulatory Compliances & Standards.

High Performance Architecture

With our unique API based architecture and advanced database techniques, our application create minimal database size even if you have thousands of records. It helps in processing and fetching data at lighting speed and provides consistent performance. Our hundreds of Web APIs enables organisations to integrate any third-party application.

Focused on Ease of Use
  • Modern User Interface with ease of navigation
  • On-Premise/Cloud Subscriptions
  • Personalized Technical Support
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Custom Reports Generator
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